There’s a Witcher 3 easter egg that takes 7 in-game years to reveal

(Picture credit score: CD Projekt)

YouTuber xLetalis has been on the hunt for a specific easter egg in The Witcher 3 after quest designer Philipp Weber dropped some hints about it. Weber had beforehand tweeted at xLetalis in response to a video he’d made in regards to the character Vivienne, who’s a part of the Blood and Wine DLC, saying, “I ponder when they may discover Vivienne’s final secret”. Followers obtained maintain of the thought of ​​this “final secret” and requested Weber about it throughout a charity livestream earlier this month, throughout which he stated “it is on Skellige” and that it “goes fairly a bit additional” than they could anticipate.

After some looking, xLetalis has discovered the mysterious easter egg. To elucidate what it’s, I will must get into heavy spoiler territory for a specific quest in Blood and Wine known as The Warble of a Smitten Knight, so you’ve got been warned.


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