PS4 and PS5 unite to sell nearly 2 billion games combined

Sony’s current- and next-gen console duo have bought almost 2 billion video games mixed, new figures reveal.

PS4 and PS5 unite to sell nearly 2 billion games combined 2 |

Though console shipments (and gross sales) are dropping, software program is rising exponentially with over $3 billion earned from digital video games and add-ons in Q3. Sony additionally supplied up to date figures on PS4 and PS5 mixed software program gross sales…and the numbers are fairly shocking.

In keeping with our findings, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles have bought 1.817 billion video games as of December 31, 2021. This knowledge is predicated on the 1.181 billion software sales figure Sony provided in Q3’19 added to the sum of FY20’s full-year software program gross sales and FY21 Q1-3 knowledge.

What number of of those gross sales are PS4 video games? Almost all of them, after all.

We will not give precise values, although. Sony began lumping in PS4 and PS5 recreation gross sales collectively when the PS5 launched in Q3’20. Assuming this, we are able to add the 1.181 billion determine to the 91.4 million and 81.8 million figures from FY20 Q1-2 respectively, giving us 1.354 billion.

Aside from that, the combination is tough to find out.

Digital accounts for the lion’s share or revenues; ResetERA’s ArmGunar notes that digital software program made up 53% of PlayStation’s quarterly earnings.

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