10 Rarest Events In Open World Video Games

Video video games are stuffed with unusual enemies and excessive characters, at all times consisting of loopy storylines and an abundance of hidden secrets and techniques littered across the sport world.

Little mysteries like these are what makes gaming a lot enjoyable.

We need to uncover all these easter eggs in our favourite video games as a result of they assist deliver out the allure of the world we’re exploring. In some cases, it could possibly additionally give bragging rights to say to your folks you discovered this cool factor first.

On this checklist, we’re going to be wanting on the uncommon encounters that may take quite a lot of effort from the participant to attain. Others are hidden behind an insane quantity of facet missions that MUST be overwhelmed first for these small however fascinating tidbits to unlock.

So allow us to dive into this uncommon occasions checklist and check out all of the unusual issues you could have missed along with your time in these video games – from hidden bosses to sinister encounters on the roadside.


Additionally please bear in mind that spoilers lie in wait in case you have not completed many of those video games.

Skyrim is dwelling to an abundance of unusual and out of left-field encounters. It may take up ten entire spots on this checklist with the sheer quantity of content material it has to supply.

Let’s take a better take a look at simply two on this checklist, beginning with “The Painted Cow”.

This occasion has no recognized strategy to get triggered, so you will want some blind luck in your facet. You will know that you’re witnessing the encounter whenever you see a farmer main stated painted cow in the direction of a large’s camp. When spoken to, the farmer will say he’s providing the cow to the giants as a way to shield the remainder of his livestock.

This encounter has a number of endings, not like different NPC encounters within the sport. Most have a hard and fast narrative that will not change, however right here, in one of many two endings we see the giants reject the cow and kill the farmer, escaping the cow.

The opposite has the giants accepting the cow and permitting the farmer to go away peacefully. The cow will not be eaten and as an alternative goes on to stay with the giants in excellent happiness – or till you cease monitoring the state of affairs, anyway.


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