C4 Explosive: Real Life vs Video Games

Sure, the nice outdated C4 explosive. If you weren’t within the army, you in all probability heard of C4(Composition 4) from motion motion pictures or video video games. C4 is the go-to explosive for the army, combining stability in storage and dealing with with light-weight and excessive explosive yield.


A Marine from 4th Force Reconnaissance Company inserts a blasting cap into a block of C4 explosive during demolition training at the Kaneohe Bay Range Training Facility Aug. 20, 2014 (Wikimedia Commons). Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Annual_training_140820-N-AX577-063.jpg
A Marine from 4th Pressure Reconnaissance Firm inserts a blasting cap right into a block of C4 explosive throughout demolition coaching on the Kaneohe Bay Vary Coaching Facility Aug. 20, 2014 (US Navy picture by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Patrick Dille, Navy Reserve Navy Public Affairs Help Ingredient-West/RELEASED).

Let me take a guess. You recognize C-4 from one of many best-selling video games in historical past, Counter-Strike. You had been in all probability within the CSGO lounge or wanting ahead to the CSGO majors in Rio de Janeiro while you simply occurred to encounter the thought, “Does C4 within the recreation work the identical in actual life?”

If you happen to’re not a fan of Counter-Strike, you in all probability know this from the violent console and PC video games such because the Grand Theft Auto franchise and the Call of Duty franchise. To an extent, possibly even Valorant and its utilization of a spike.

We’re right here to reply your questions! Let’s get to it!

A Transient Historical past of the C4. Sure, the nice outdated C4 explosive. Utilized by the army and by avid gamers alike! However how are they completely different when utilized in actual life?

Whether or not you name it a C4 explosive, a C-4, the Composition C-4, or the M112 Demolition Block, it’s all the identical. A C-4 explosive belongs to the RDX household of explosives that use hexahydro-1,3,5-triazine. Sure, I additionally suppose that’s too sciency, however regardless, it was first made in 1898 by the Germans(Not a shock there).

Afterward, it was patented by Edmund von Herz within the UK and the US in 1921 and 1922, respectively, and was later additional developed for use in World Conflict II as an alternative choice to TNT. Its British counterpart is regionally often called the PE-4 or the Plastic Explosive No. 4 just because C4 is a plastic explosive.  It’s not a “plastic” explosive as a result of it incorporates plastics in fact, plastic refers to it being delicate and moldable into shapes.

C4 belongs to a household, similar to us people! It has brothers and sisters (in any other case known as variants) known as Composition C, C-2, and C-3. The Composition C variant was first used till 1943, when the C-2 changed it, then changed it once more by the C-3 in 1944.

So technically, C-4 was used solely in 1956! So in the event you see any movies or video video games that had been set earlier than 1956 and known as an explosive a C-4, then they didn’t do analysis very nicely, I’m afraid.

C4 Makes use of

It’s not a secret that the C-4 is used to make issues go kaboom. That’s the obvious use for it. Listed below are another methods it was utilized by the army!

C4 as a warmth supply

Within the Vietnam Conflict, C-4 was used as a warmth supply for troopers, generally to battle the chilly, generally to warmth their meals rations. However they didn’t do that actually because C4 is very toxic and poisonous to people.

You is likely to be considering to your self, “How the author should be loopy, everyone is aware of C4 explodes while you gentle it up!”

Properly, sorry to burst your bubble, however C4 truly doesn’t explode while you gentle it up. In truth, it’s one of the crucial steady explosives there may be, as you would wish a detonator to activate its explosive element.

C4 as a drug

Yup, some folks ingested small quantities of C4 to get intoxicated or, in colloquial phrases, to get excessive. Troopers typically did this by chopping a small piece from a detonation block or via Claymore mines.

In the event that they did it proper, they’d get sick and must get well. This implies they get to have sick depart. I don’t advocate this as a result of C-4 is highly toxic!

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C4 as a toy

Let’s get one factor straight. Enjoying with explosives is a harmful factor to do, so they’re positively not toys!

However, C4 is malleable, in reality so malleable that this can be very much like modeling clay. So it wasn’t unusual to see troopers making artwork out of it and kind it into completely different shapes and even statues.

Regardless of this, you’re not purported to play with C4, nor ought to troopers use it for a plaything since you’re placing your self and others at risk.

C4 in actual life vs. video video games

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive C4 Explosive Planting (Screenshot from HS Top YouTube Account). Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwzLwFbfyEU
Counter-Strike: International Offensive C4 Explosive Planting (Screenshot from HS High YouTube Account)

A standard false impression is that C4 is a machine-like explosive with timers and all these sophisticated wirings. Whereas a C4 could be detonated remotely, you do want a detonator to induce a shock to detonate C4. It additionally doesn’t mechanically include these timers you see on Counter-Strike.

C4 is definitely fairly easy. It has a modeling clay-like texture and is shade white.

Counter-Strike does get one thing proper, although. While you shoot the C4 within the recreation, it doesn’t explode. That’s fully right! C4 doesn’t explode through gunshot or dropping it laborious on the ground. As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t even explode while you gentle it up.

C-4 is fitted with blasting caps for detonation. Pfc. Lukas J. Blom, Public area, through Wikimedia Commons

It could possibly solely be detonated with a shockwave, often finished with a detonator. Because of this the army has a detonating or priming package full with detonating cords and clips in order that they’ll breach or destroy issues correctly.

So there you have got it! A short historical past of the famed C4 and the way it’s completely different from these you see in video video games!

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