NFTs Are ‘A Financial Scam’, Says Indie Marketplace

Fuck NFTs

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Whereas some publishers like Ubisoft push right ahead with NFTs, no matter how their very own employees really feel about it, and others like EA are prepared to half-ass their way through the fad, one online game market has come out and issued one of the vital welcome statements I’m but to see from inside the trade.

Posting over the weekend,, the worldwide market for indie video games, stated that “A couple of have requested about our stance on NFTs”, and elaborated with:

A couple of have requested about our stance on NFTs:

NFTs are a rip-off. In the event you suppose they’re legitimately helpful for something apart from the exploitation of creators, monetary scams, and the destruction of the planet the we ask that please reevaluate your life decisions.

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Hell yeah. It’s so obvious a thing to say that we shouldn’t need to be drawing attention to this, because NFTS are a scam. That’s not a perception, or a speculation, it’s actually the muse they’re constructed on, and the complete factor is enjoying out precisely like a textbook about scams would say it could.

And but! That is video video games, and we dwell within the late-stage decay of capitalism, and so as a result of there’s a fast buck to be made earlier than all of it goes to shit, there are firms—a lot of whom preserve a façade of fiscal respectability and who make use of 1000’s of individuals worldwide—who don’t care concerning the obvious moral and financial issues clearly on show within the crypto area, and soar in for that fast buck regardless.

You would argue after all that it’s very straightforward for to say this, for the reason that web site is about publishing small indie video games and would have nearly zero enterprise to lose by taking this stance. I’d then argue that when you or your organization care extra about your short-term income than the a number of failings of the NFT area, sufficient to prioritise the previous over the latter, then you definitely can go fuck your self.

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