5 reason GTA 6 won't release before 2025

Ever since Rockstar announced that a new GTA title is under development, there has been a renewed interest in speculation about the game. Fans have different theories about changes to the new game.

Along with this, leakers have been revealing vital information about the game, including speculations about a release date.

IMDb is a popular online database that lists key details regarding movies, video games, and more. The site currently shows Grand Theft Auto 6 having a release date of 2025.

However, as the site is based on user-generated content, its information is not considered very reliable. There is still a small chance that this information was posted by Rockstar themselves.

One of the main concerns that gamers have had since 2020 is that their favorite upcoming games will be delayed due to the lockdown. 

This has come true for several major projects, and many developers have postponed their games due to this. Although things are slowly getting back to normal, the effects can still be felt. 

Last year it was reported that GTA 6 was stuck in development hell for some time. This may have led to departure of several prominent Rockstar employees such as Dan Houser aszlo Jones & Leslie Benzies

Gamers were tempted to play the remastered versions of the 3D Universe trilogy, but they were largely unplayable on launch day.

Since then Rockstar has released several title updates to fix all the bugs prevalent in the games However there's still a lot to be done & the whole ordeal has caused fans to lose faith in the studio.

If Rockstar wants to avoid this in the future, they might hold off on releasing GTA 6 until it matches the quality of a regular Rockstar title.

Tom Henderson was one of the first reliable leakers to report on a release date. According to his initial reports, the next Grand Theft Auto title might not come out before 2024-25. 

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