A Dormant Black Hole Outside Our Galaxy

A group of astronomers known as "the black hole police" who disprove black hole discoveries

They discovered that one of the almost 1000 stars they looked for outside of our galaxy has a stellar-mass black hole as a companion.

according to the team, it is the first 'dormant' stellar-mass black hole that has been conclusively discovered outside of our galaxy.

When large stars approach the end of their lifetimes and collapse under their own gravity, stellar-mass black holes arise.

The collaboration explored over 1000 big stars in the Tarantula Nebula region of the Large Magellanic Cloud to identify VFTS 243.

The discovery also allows the team a unique view into the processes that accompany the formation of black holes

 Astronomers believe that a stellar-mass black hole forms as the core of a dying massive star collapses,

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