A huge comet will fly by Earth in July and you might be able to see it

A comet first spotted in the distance in 2017 might finally be within view soon of amateur astronomers.

Comet C/2017 K2 (PANSTARRS), called K2 for short, was then the farthest active comet ever spotted,

 The comet began to spew gas and dust in the far outer solar system

Five years later, the icy body is finally drawing within reach of Earth and its amateur astronomers.

K2's closest approach to our planet will be on July 14, and it will get closest to the sun on Dec. 19. 

"It should brighten to magnitude 8 or even 7, still too dim for the unaided eye," EarthSky wrote. 

Sharp-eyed viewers can usually spot stars of magnitude 6 in dark-sky conditions with no aid

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