it has photographed all of Mars from orbit

China is claiming that as of Wednesday, its Tianwen-1 Mars orbiter has officially photographed the entire Red Planet.

Among the images are one of Mount Askra with its crater, shots of the South Pole 

the seven-kilometer deep Valles Marineris canyon, and the geomorphological characteristics of the rim of the Mund crater.

Tianwen-1 had been in orbit around Mars for 706 days. 

. The orbiter circled Mars 1,344 times, as of an announcement from CNSA

In conjunction with its rover Zhurong, Tianwen-1 amassed 1,040 gigabytes of raw scientific data through 13 onboard scientific payloads.

The mission has allowed CNSA to observe solar occultation and solar wind together with international observatories 

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