Among the most popular PS5 topics on Twitter were Genshin Impact and Elden Ring

We’ve been spending less and less time on social media of late – it’s not quite the engaging novelty it once was, is it

but plenty of gamers are still taking to sites like Twitter to talk about their favourite games. In particular, Genshin Impact.

The uber-popular gacha was the most talked about title on Twitter in 2021, and it remains so through the first

defeating even Elden Ring, which wasn’t as high as you’d assume. Wordle finished up in second,

Wordle finished up in second, which makes sense considering its deep-links into Twitter – that irritating emoji pattern

We have stopped using social media as a result of the games' publication.

While Ensemble Stars came in third place. Ensemble Stars is something we've never heard of, but a quick Google

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