An enormous asteroid the size of a 50-story building is hurtling toward Earth for the first time in 100 years.

The closest approach of asteroid 2022 KY4 to Earth will occur on July 17. It is predicted to travel at a speed of 16,900 miles per hour.

The 2022 KY4 space rock is almost as big as a 50-storey building. It is around 290 feet wide and will approach Earth after 100 years.

 the large space asteroid will pass Earth safely by roughly 3.8 million miles

The estimated speed of the asteroid 2022 KY4 is 16,900 miles per hour.

 Compared to a speedy sniper rifle, shot it moves about eight times faster. 

 It had previously come very close to Earth in 1959 and 1948.

the asteroid won't come this near to Earth again until May 2048. Along with other agencies

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