Call of Duty: Warzone Players Get Some Godzilla Content Early

Call of Duty's promise of Godzilla and Kong content in Warzone and Vanguard

Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft set has been released early and is now available to purchase in-game. 

 The rest of the Godzilla and Kong content is still expected to arrive on May 11th

All of that comes in a bundle costing 2,400 COD Points which equates to a bit over $20

This cosmetic bundle comes with the Godzilla Ghillie Shigenori skin

For those less interested in the skins and more interested in how the Operation Monarch event will affect Warzone

Godzilla and Kong, will introduce a new game mode for Quads inspired by several of Warzone's best experiences

 a preview of the new Operation said. "Operation Monarch will go live at 9 AM PT May 11

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