China to target near-Earth object 2020 PN1 for asteroid deflection mission

The new details of the near-Earth asteroid defense system demonstration and verification test mission were presented by Long Lehao,

A slide presented by Long indicates that the impactor mission will launch in 2026 on a Long March 3B rocket

The former will impact near-Earth object 2020 PN1 with the latter spacecraft making observations.

the mission appears to combine elements of the separate NASA DART mission, due to collide with Dimorphos,

 moon orbiting the near Earth asteroid Didymos, in September, and the European Space Agency’s Hera mission,

Combined, the DART and Hera missions are known as the Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment (AIDA) collaboration.

. It was discovered in 2020 and estimates of its size put it at around 40 meters in diameter.

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