China Wants Its Very Own X-37B Top Secret Space Plane

One would be a reusable mini-craft like the U.S. Space Force X-37B, and the other would be something out of a sci-fi novel

The small spaceplane has been successfully tested but it is not clear if it could make it all the way to earth’s orbit.

 The mega-spacecraft is part of a proposed five-year study and is likely still on the drawing board. 

It is reportedly sub-orbital much like Virgin Galactic’s program for space tourists that is boosted with a horizontally-launched mated climb

China’s mini-spaceplane effectively tested a vertical take-off and horizontal landing in 2021 at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

The reusable spacecraft program is likely being overseen by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Strategic Support Force 

This entity builds rockets and drones for the PLA, so the reusable spacecraft is not for tourists 

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