Chinese spacecraft have captured images of Mars' whole surface.

The Tianwen-1 space probe was discovered on June 29, according to China's National Space Administration (CNSA).

over the course of a year of exploration, the entire Red Planet. "Quest for Heavenly Truth" is a composition by Tianwen-1.

a Zhurong unmanned spacecraft, an orbiter, two deployed cameras (one on the orbiter and one on the landing platform), a remote camera, and

Zhurong's spacecraft completed 1,344 complete orbits, taking pictures of the Red Planet from every aspect.

the earth. CNSA stated in a statement that the probe has fulfilled all of its missions

Tianwen-1 was made public in the midst of the global COVID-19 outbreak. This is the first time.

In an effort to make history, a nation tried to deploy a lander and an orbiter to Mars. Tianwen-1

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