City-killing asteroid won't hit Earth in 2052 after all

An asteroid predicted to hit Earth in 2052 has, for now, been removed from the European Space Agency's list of rocks to be worried about.

Asteroid 2021 QM1 was described by ESA as "the riskiest asteroid known to humankind

We could see its future paths around the Sun, and in 2052 it could come dangerously close to Earth.

Observations of QM1 were interrupted when it was blocked out by the Sun.

Estimated to be between 37 and 82 metres across (121 to 269 feet), QM1's size puts it solidly in NASA's "dangerous" category:

One such larger asteroid was discovered in 2013 by Russia's space agency, and is being observed as it may hit in 2032

As for QM1, it's off the threat list just in time for this year's Asteroid Day on June 30

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