Dead by Daylight Board Game Announced

Today, Level 99 announced plans to launch a Kickstarter for Dead by Daylight: The Board Game, a survival-themed 1 versus multiple board game that pits players against an assassin. 

 Up to four players can play as the Survivors, who navigate one of several maps trying to collect bonuses while dodging the Killer, who is controlled by a separate player. 

Similar to the original Dead by Daylight experience, players will try to discover and repair generators on the map, while the Killer tries to trap and eliminate each player. 

As fans of the original video game, we worked hard to capture the tension between the Survivors and the Killer on every turn, said board game designer D. Brad Talton Jr in a press release.

"The moment when you commit to your move and then have to hold your breath while the Killer makes their play—to me that's the essence of Dead by Daylight."

The Board Game is just an amazing experience. Many of us, on the DbD team, are huge board game fans, so our expectations were high.

Level 99 have managed to perfectly adapt the Dead by Daylight experience to a board game: the Killers VS Survivors asymmetrical gameplay, the unexpected surprises, the game loops, everything is there.

The Kickstarter will give fans choices between two different versions of the board game. The Standard Edition includes 6 Killers, 7 Survivors, and 2 maps and will have a price of $49.99. 

Meanwhile the Collector's Edition includes 16 assassins 17 survivors & 4 maps for a price of $99.99. Both Survivors & Killers have been pulled from the original Dead by Deadlight game in All-Kill DLC.

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