Earth’s top 7 asteroid defences

there is no way to try them out ahead of an actual threat nuclear devices have been tested on Earth for close to 80 years

how far away the asteroid was when we saw it, how big it was and where exactly it was going to land

It would also likely be the response to objects as big as the 20-metre asteroid that exploded over the Siberian city of Chelyabinsk in 2013,

For asteroids less than 20m in diameter, people could evacuate the affected area and then hunker down and take cover.

The impact of a larger asteroid would be a catastrophe to a region, a continent or the entire world depending on its size

A nuclear blast vaporises part of the asteroid and propels the space rock onto a safe orbit, far enough away from Earth

The gravity tractor alters the path of the asteroid simply by thrusting in a consistent direction relative to the asteroid's path.

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