Eight things to know about the Mars rocket from Elon Musk, Starship

To transport people and cargo to the Moon, Mars, and other planets, Elon Musk is striving to construct the most potent rocket in the world.

The Starship is close to making its first orbital test flight, and if successful, will move the rocket a step closer to launching missions.

Two billionaires have already purchased tickets to take a trip aboard SpaceX's 120-meter-tall Starship.

 the first crewed flight to the Moon included tickets that were purchased by Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa.

Nasa would employ the Starship Human Lander that SpaceX is currently creating to carry crews on crewed missions to the Moon.

Starship is a two-stage rocket system that includes a booster and a Starship spacecraft.

The rocket has completed high-altitude tests, but it is yet to perform an orbital flight.

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