Elon Musk Working on Master Plan Part 3

If you're not yet aware of Tesla's Master plan, as CEO Elon Musk himself wrote, you probably haven't been following the automaker for years. Musk's original master plan was published in August of 2006

In typical Musk fashion, the title of the original plan was a bit of a joke: The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me).

There's a whole lot to take in, and we're not going to summarize it all here, though we have included various links in this article that will take you to our previous articles about the plans.

 At any rate, it makes more sense for you to read the actual words written by Musk than a summary that won't do them justice.

Fast forward to almost exactly 10 years later, and Musk published the second part of the plan. 

 It appeared on the Tesla blog in July 2016, entitled "Master Plan, Part Deux." Again, give it a once-over for context by visiting the original source.

Tesla and Musk have been working to make Master Plans Part One and Part Two a reality for years. While a whole heck of a lot has been accomplished, it didn't happen without hiccups.

In fact, the company is still working on part two, which includes full self-driving capability. 

However, it looks like Musk should be pretty confident about how it all went so far, as he has publicly revealed that he is now working on Part 3.

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