NASA's Europa Clipper Could Crash Into the Biggest Moon 'Ganymede' - Is This The Mission's End?

 Europa Clipper mission project scientist Bob Pappalardo indicated during a meeting of the Outer Planets Assessment Group noted that the most current redesign of the Europa Clipper's timeline included several cost-cutting initiatives

The biggest moon in the solar system, Ganymede, is the front-runner of the two moons up for consideration due to its possible scientific ramifications. 

there is a chance that the JUICE instruments could observe the collision and get knowledge of Ganymede's characteristics

Galileo was ordered to crash into Jupiter in 2003 to avoid hitting Europa, which the mission had found might contain the appropriate conditions for life.  

Ganymede is believed to have a subsurface ocean as Europa does, it may contain the necessary elements conducive to living.

 the spacecraft's final resting place could alter once more in light of fresh data.

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