Fastest-growing black hole ever seen is devouring the equivalent of 1 Earth per second

This behemoth has been powering an ultrabright quasar for 9 billion years.

This gargantuan black hole has a mass 3 billion times that of the sun,

Other black holes of a similar size stopped growing billions of years ago, but this newly discovered black hole is still getting large

This rapid accretion of matter to the surface of the black hole has also resulted in a quasar blasting out enough energy to make it 7,000 times brighter than the light from every star in the Milky Way

The quasar has a brightness  of magnitude 14.5 when viewed from Earth,

The discovery of the feeding black hole was made as part of the SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey,

"Astronomers have been hunting for objects like this for more than 50 years,"

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