Flashes from neutron star tidal waves may signal impending mergers

Researchers have found a new way to detect some of the most cataclysmic mergers in the universe before they happen.

Neutron stars, the extremely dense cores of massive dead stars, spiraling toward each other or into a black hole

Those tidal waves reveal themselves through regular flashes of electromagnetic radiation,

Neutron stars are arguably the most extreme objects in the universe. Yes, black holes may be more exotic, but they're relatively simple 

A typical neutron star is only a few kilometers across yet can weigh up to a few times the mass of the sun.

The interiors of neutron stars are the most mysterious, since the pressures and densities are so extreme

The outer crust of a neutron star is thought to consist of superfluid electrons and neutrons giving way to a crystal lattice the closer you get to the surface.

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