GameStop Announced In-Store PS5 Restock

The PlayStation 5 has been a tremendously difficult console to attain since its launch in November 2020.

Although Sony is working hardest to produce more PlayStation 5 units, supply constraints and rapid scaling make it harder to meet demand.

God of War: Ragnarok coming this year, many want to make sure they have the most optimal way to play Sony's new blockbusters.

Almost everyone in the United States will have the opportunity to try and get PlayStation 5 tomorrow as GameStop will reinstall the console in all stores across the United States.

The console will only be available in bundles for PowerUp Rewards Pro members, which you can sign up for online. 

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There will be four different bundles are, three of which will come with Horizon: Forbidden West.

It's unlikely these will be cheap, as these bundles are usually used to get people to buy more than just consoles, but at least you'll get some cool games and gift cards with them.

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