How to Get a Limitless Supply of RP in League of Legends

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League of Legends is an online game and is played with a large number of players, the customisations that players are allowed to purchase do not affect the gameplay.

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To make these purchases, players will have to use the in-game currency, RP or Riot Points. Riot Points can be used to purchase a plethora of items in the game.

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Well even though RP provides the players with a lot of purchase options, it does come with a catch.

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Players cannot earn RP through playing and winning in the game, instead, they need to purchase this in-game currency through real-world currency.

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Putting real-world money into a game is not a privilege that every player has, therefore, they can use the Microsoft Rewards system to earn some RP for League of Legends.

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Microsoft Rewards is a service that provides the players with points for using their search engine, Bing to make their daily searches and purchases.

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Players get a point for every search they make on the search engine and a point for every dollar they spend on the Microsoft door.

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Players will need 1500 Microsoft Rewards Points for the 100 RP gift card and 6500 Microsoft Rewards Points for the 650 RP Gift Card. 

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This process is repeatable, therefore providing the players with an unlimited supply of RP for free.

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