Giant Sunspot AR3038 has Doubled in Size and is Pointed Right at Earth.

 a sunspot that happens to be facing Earth and could produce some minor solar flares. 

Although scientists consistently point out that people are in no danger from sunspots like AR3038,

He points out that this type of rapid growth is exactly what we expect to see at this point in the solar cycle, the 11-year repeating pattern that started again in 2019

 He also points out that sunspots of this kind don’t typically produce the types of dangerous solar flares that could knock out satellites or disrupt power grids.

Solar flares occur when the magnetic fields surrounding a sunspot break and rejoin in complex patterns,

The likelihood of an X20 forming due to AR3038 is minuscule, though there was a 10% chance of it creating a less powerful X flare

There is another active region, AR3040, which had 6 C-class flares in the last 24 hours

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