High-Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos are Coming from Blazars

The most elusive particles in the universe, neutrinos are able to move almost unhindered through it.

The connection between the sources of high-energy neutrinos and these particles is currently an open question.

Cosmic rays are charged particles with energy up to 1020 electronvolts, which is much higher than the most potent particle accelerator ever created by humans.

These particles are coming from deep space, but their nature and origin are yet unknown.

Neutrinos and gamma rays are among the particles produced in the regions where cosmic rays are born.

Blazars are a type of extragalactic source that are propelled by supermassive black holes that are housed at the centre of the host galaxy for these sources.

Blazars effectively transform the kinetic energy of extremely relativistic jets targeted at Earth from the gravitational energy of accreting gas.

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