How co-op works in Elden Ring

Summon your friends & the Lands Between suddenly aren't so dangerous: You can split the attention of all those monstrous bosses & terrible dog beasts trying to kill you taking them down with teamwork.

I promise multiplayer in Elden Ring can be much more helpful than all those deceitful messages saying "hidden wall ahead."

If you're new to FromSoftware's game, however, figuring out how to play in co-op can be a little confusing. What items do you need? Are you going to be attacked by other players just being online?

Luckily like a lot of things in Elden Ring, multiplayer is easier and friendlier than it's been in past Souls games.

Here's what you need to know to start playing Elden Ring in co-op, or to dive into the wider multiplayer community with strangers.

I can tell you that you should play Elden Ring as a co-op game just because it's fun, or because it makes the game a lot easier. 

Boss fights are all about aggro control. With multiple players, it's all too easy to manipulate the boss's attention, giving each other time to heal or completely interrupt their attacks.

Helping other players is a great way to level up. By placing your summoning sign or using a summoning pool, you can enter another player's world and help them defeat a short dungeon or a boss.

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