How to create amazing Void in Destiny 2

The Beyond Light expansion began a process of revamping the way subclasses work in Destiny 2. 

Stasis added a system of Aspects and Fragments which enabled players to mix-and-match perks and abilities from a large toolkit.

Over the next year, all Light subclass will be updated to use Aspects and Fragments, starting with this season's Void 3.0, which is live in the game now and free to all players.

Each subclass retains its own identity and flavor, but this rework better lays out what Void functionally means in Destiny 2.

Fundamentals are becoming invisible creating overshields, & draining energy from opponents. like using gravity to push opponents out of position & suppress their abilities but you get the gist of it.

These ideas are now shared across Sentinel Titan, Voidwalker Warlock and Nightstalker Hunter, though each subclass specializes in a specific concept.

Void 3.0 enables you to dive deeper into the fantasy of each class. You want to tank as a Titan? They're even more resilient, leaning hard into overshields.

Warlock devour everything in their path, leaching health and ability energy from foes. And Hunters areā€¦ Well, it's hard to say, because they're invisible the whole time.

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