Hubble captures a galaxy with gravitational lenses in Cosmic Lens Flair.

 Gravitational lensing has generated a mirror image of the galaxy at the center of this image

Gravitational lensing occurs when a very massive celestial body — such as a galaxy cluster — causes a sufficient curvature of spacetime to bend the course of light around it

the body causing the light to curve is called a gravitational lens, and the distorted background object is referred to as being “lensed.”

significant effect of this lensing distortion is magnification, which allows astronomers to view objects that would otherwise be too far away or too faint to be seen.

The telescope’s sensitivity and crystal-clear vision allow it to see very faint and distant gravitational lenses 

The lensing reveals details of distant galaxies that would otherwise be unobtainable

 This in turn gives scientists a better insight into how the overall evolution of galaxies has unfolded.

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