It's Not Too Late To See The K2 Comet

Consider the possibility that you are not the member of your social group who can identify the astronomical mistakes in the Contact movie's opening scene.

But let's also say you are someone who can easily spot the Big Dipper on a moonless night

In that case, you’re in the sweet spot to be wondering to yourself, "Hey um, what was the deal

sometimes called the K2 "megacomet," came closest to Earth on Thursday, July 14, at a distance of about 168 million miles

about 1.8 times the distance between Earth and the sun. Stargazers with telescopes have been tracking it for a while

The comet is being waved off by Earth as it departs. However, assuming it's still summer while you're reading this, the now-receding season

The Oort cloud, a likely accumulation of ice and debris well beyond the last major asteroid, appears to have been the comet's place of origin.

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