The Largest Comet Will Come Close to Earth on July 14,

A comet is fast approaching the planet Earth and it's one of the largest that has ever been spotted

However, mid-July is the time for the best views as the comet reaches its nearest point to the planet

Comet K2 was first observed in 2017 by Pan-STARRS survey instrument based in Hawaii.

 some astronomers believe that its nucleus is to be at least 11 miles wide.

. You will be able to see a fuzzy patch of light around the comet's nucleus. It's best to see it on July 14, 2022.

the comet will still be visible until September 2022 and after mid-September, the comet will move to the hemisphere's southwestern horizon

While seeing Comet K2 can be quite exciting, you can also admire other comets in the sky.

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