NASA eyeing late August for launch of Artemis 1 moon mission

Artemis 1, the first launch for the SLS, will send an uncrewed Orion on a roughly month-long mission around the moon

The mission has experienced several delays, and most recently the rocket's certification to fly has been held up by incomplete fueling tests

The Artemis 1 stack first rolled from the VAB to KSC's Pad 39B in mid-March, to prep for a wet dress rehearsal that began on April 1.

The most recent wet dress try, which wrapped up on Monday (June 20), didn't go perfectly

Operators were able to fully fuel SLS for the first time, bringing the launch simulation much further along than any of the attempts in April.

Mission operators were able to run a "mask" for the leak in the ground launch sequencer software,

It was unclear immediately following the recent wet dress if another one would be required,

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