Today, A Massive Solar Storm Is Anticipated To Hit Earth,

For the past few months, the largest solar star in our solar system has been agitated and has been firing solar flares at Earth nonstop.

A solar flare that could trigger a strong solar storm is predicted to strike Earth soon,

Today, July 18, the huge solar flare that may develop into a solar storm might result in potential blackouts over the

In some parts of the world, it might cause northern lights. It might be G-3 in size.

 the long filament that resembled a snake moved away from the Sun, according to Dr. Tamitha Skov. 

A solar flare is a powerful localised outburst of electromagnetic radiation in the Sun's atmosphere

A solar flare can be divided into five categories: A, B, C, M, and X, with X being the category with the highest intensity.

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