MultiVersus Trophy List Looks Like a Massive Grind for the Platinum

MultiVersus is the free-to-play platform fighter from WB Games, boasting a diverse roster of characters like Bug

The Iron Giant. We went hands on with it during the closed alpha stage and came away pretty

Appearing on Exophase just before the arrival of the open beta, the MultiVersus Trophies are geared towards

For example, you need to not only play but win 300 online matches. You will also need to get 100 double ringouts, 

get 100 ringouts using your downward spike move, and get 200 ringouts with a projectile. One more: you need to play 500 matches 

Obviously, you don't need to worry about any of that if you're not bothered about Trophies, but if you are,

this one seems like a big time investment. You can peruse the full list through here.

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