A Mystery Rocket Left A Crater On The Moon

On March 4, a human-made object (a rocket stage) slammed into the moon and left behind a double crater, as seen by NASA's

China has denied claims that the rocket was part of a Long March 3 rocket that launched the country’s Chang’e-5 T1 mission in October 2014

Previous speculation suggested it might be from a SpaceX rocket launching the DISCOVR mission,

 The spacecraft has been in orbit there since 2009 and has spotted numerous new craters since its arrival.

It’s also a great spacecraft scout, having hunted down the Apollo landing sites from orbit and also having tracked down

It may be that humans return to the moon for a closer-up look in the coming decade,

LRO will also be a valuable scout for that set of missions, as the spacecraft’s maps will be used to develop plans for lunar bases

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