NASA's Artemis programme intends to sustain the moon by "rebooting" it.

Despite a dozen short-term Apollo visitors between 1969 and 1972, the moon is far from a "been there, done that" environment.

 NASA's Artemis effort to "reboot" the moon — or at least human activity there — will get off to a flying start.

NASA says Asteroid is Approaching Earth

Utilizing cutting-edge technology will allow Artemis moonwalkers to explore more of the lunar surface.

 21st-century human return to that world to perform sustained or perhaps even permanent moon operations will not be trouble-free. 

It won't be easy for humans to return to that planet in the twenty-first century to carry out ongoing or perhaps even permanent lunar operations.

According to an Apollo 17 moonwalker, sustainability has less to do with discovering useful materials on the lunar surface.

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