NASA asteroid mission on hold due to late software delivery

The Psyche mission to a strange metal asteroid of the same name was supposed to launch this September or October.

Now the space agency is going to step back, and an independent review will look at what went wrong,

NASA has already spent USD 717 million on Psyche and its projected total cost, including the rocket to launch it, is USD 985 million

There are still at least two launch opportunities next year and more in 2024 to get to the asteroid that sits in the belt between Mars and Jupiter,

Two other small missions were going to ride along on the SpaceX Falcon heavy rocket and NASA is looking at what will happen to those.

Psyche is just the latest in NASA’s fleet of asteroid-exploring spacecrafts.

NASA launched the ships Lucy and Dart to explore other space rocks and test if a rocket could knock off course an asteroid heading smack into Earth.

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