NASA's Psyche Mission Just Got Some Bad News

The agency says it can't finish testing processes needed to carry out the mission before its launch deadline on Oct. 11

 The initial goal was to reach its target in 2026, but owing to orbital position constraints, even a launch in 2023 or 2024 means the spacecraft won't reach the asteroid until 2029 or 2030

The issue, which pushed the original mission timeline from August to beyond September, was subsequently fixed

 the estimated $985 million budget for the Psyche mission, $717 million have already been spent

Psyche is a metal-rich asteroid that is roughly 173 miles across at its widest point

Instruments aboard the spacecraft include a multispectral spectrometer to assess metals and silicates on the asteroid's surface,

The last deadline for mission take-off was October 11, but following the delay, the launch likely won't happen this year

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