Netflix  Actually Lost 200K Subscribers in Total Earnings Miss

Wall Street had low expectations this quarter, as total memberships fell to 221.64 million.

a major setback for the streaming giant that has seen exponential user growth over the past decade

as the company disclosed that it fell far short of its own low expectations of 2.5 million subscriber adds for the start of 2022.

The streaming giant lost subscribers in nearly every region except for the Asia Pacific market, where it saw a net add of over 1 million subscribers. 

 Netflix lost around 640,000 subscribers in the U.S./Canada region during the first quarter

 a larger drop than its previous subscriber loss in the region last year — and saw a 300,000 subscriber loss in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and 350,000 loss in Latin America. 

Netflix previously attributed its low subscriber expectations to a “back-end weighted content slate,” since the second season of Bridgerton and The Adam Project were released in March.

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