Gaia spacecraft discovers two Jupiter-like planets while surveying the stars

In a mission first, the long-time star surveyor spotted two Jupiter-size planets in a remote spot of the galaxy. 

The European Space Agency's Gaia, since it can see bright objects at a distance, was repurposed to examine transits of a planet across its parent star

The researchers used artificial intelligence to scrutinize the spacecraft's archive in search of the telltale dips

"The discovery of the two new planets was made in the wake of precise searches, using methods of artificial intelligence,

The two new planets, named Gaia-1b and Gaia-2b, are called "hot Jupiters"

 Each whips around their stellar companion in only four days, the researchers said.

The confirmed planets and dozens of suspected ones show a value-added moment in Gaia's stargazing capabilities.

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