Scientists discover planet 10 times more massive than Jupiter

 The research, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, points to the discovery of a planet named b Centauri (AB)b or b Centauri b, with an image

“one of the most massive planets ever found,” according to the observatory.    

 The planet orbits b Centauri, a two-star system that has at least six times the mass of the sun and is 325 light-years from Earth.

 “Until now, no planets had been spotted around a star more than three times as massive as the Sun.”

“The large mass and the heat from this type of star have a strong impact on the surrounding gas”

B Centauri b was seen orbiting the star system at a distance 100 times greater than Jupiter orbits the sun

 It has been imaged in previous research, but it was not specifically recognized as a planet by scientists. 

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