Popcorn-like Dust Hopping Around Asteroids Makes Space Rocks Look Rougher, Study Finds

The effect over time helps to tidy up smaller asteroids, causing them to lose dust and look rough and craggy from space

The research began with a few pictures shared by NASA in 2020 after its spacecraft named OSIRIS-REx travelled more than 1 billion miles

this asteroid’s surface looked like rough sandpaper and not smooth. Large boulders scattered over the exteriors were also spotted.

forces similar to static electricity may be kicking the smallest grains of dust off the asteroid and into space

 the research, scientists ran a series of calculations examining the physics of regolith on two hypothetical asteroids,

 One of those asteroids was about a half-mile and the second several miles wide.

 asteroids may look like frozen in time but they go through evolution over their lifetime. 

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