Open cluster Messier 37 and its environs are studied by astronomers.

In the area of Messier 37, the researchers finished an extensive list of more than 200,000 sources.

Open clusters (OCs) are collections of stars that are only weakly gravitationally connected to one another and were created from the same enormous molecular cloud.

The brightest and richest Galactic OC in the constellation Auriga is Messier 37 (or M37), also known as NGC 2099.

The cluster has a radius of at least 10 light years and a total mass of some 1,500 solar masses.

 The age of Messier 37 is estimated to be between 400 and 550 million years, while its metallicity is at a level of 0.02–0.08.

Messier 37's white dwarf census is currently incomplete for a number of reasons.

The group was successful in identifying seven isolated, hot white dwarfs as potential cluster members using astrology and photometry.

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