Secret doorway built by aliens’ spotted in image of Mars

A picture of a perfectly carved out doorway has people thinking there might be little men on Mars after all

 Nasa’s Curiosity Mars rover show an intriguing feature which looks like a doorway nestled in the rocks on the Martian landscape

 looks so convincing that it can almost tempt you to believe that it leads to a Martian hideaway – or a gateway to another Universe entirely.

It’s a likely theory given Mars recorded its largest earthquake this month, on May 4, 

Nasa said the image was taken on May 7 at a geological feature known as Greenheugh Pediment, by the Mast Camera on board Curiosity

Although the door-like rock formation appears big enough to fit people, in reality, it might be only a few centimetres or inches tall

It’s not the first time people have assumed pictures from the Red Planet to be traces of alien life

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