SpaceX postpones space station cargo mission again, to July 14

SpaceX and NASA have set a new date for the already-delayed CRS-25 resupply mission that will send a robotic Dragon capsule 

Earlier this month, NASA and SpaceX announced they were standing down from the planned June 10 launch of the CRS-25 mission 

The mission was delayed — first to no earlier than June 28, then to no earlier than July 11 

 SpaceX made the determination to also replace the main parachutes on the Dragon spacecraft

The new launch date set for CRS-25 will allow the uncrewed Dragon spacecraft to reach the International Space Station

 the sun will fully illuminate the station, causing power generation and thermal issues, 

CRS-25 will mark the 25th time that SpaceX has sent a robotic resupply craft to the International Space Station for NASA

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