SpaceX: 5G expansion could kill US Starlink broadband

If the proposed addition of the 12GHz spectrum to 5G goes forward, 

The rocket maker criticized a 2021 study that was submitted in favor of Dish to the regulator by RS Access,

 RS Access worked closely with Dish Networks, which is trying to expand into 5G service using the 12GHz band.

Starlink is the NGSO FSS; and Dish, which offers satellite TV, cellular plans, and more, is the DBS. 

"The commission does not face a binary choice to either do nothing or sacrifice DBS and NGSO services in the 12GHz band,"

SpaceX's filing has no immediate effect on the proposals, and a debate over the rollout is ongoing. 

Starlink also noted RS Access's report found that "only tens of thousands of Americans, which RS Access deems as negligible,"

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