SpaceX Lifts 200 Ton Rocket In Air As It Races To Historic Hot Fire Test 

 SpaceX plans to lift the two pieces of Starship on the launch pad itself, and to do this,

The Super Heavy booster rolled out to the pad earlier this week, and it is the first prototype that is nearly fully assembled - with many hoping

 it will also be the one to make the rocket's maiden launch attempt later this year.

 The booster is 270 feet tall, 30 feet in diameter and is expected to weigh as much as 200 tons according to SpaceX chief Mr. Elon Musk.

SpaceX can carry out static fire tests of its rockets, which involve testing their engines on the ground along with low altitude flight tests,

A static fire test is absolutely crucial for a rocket of Starship's scale. 

 It will make SpaceX comfortable with the complex operations that lead to the fuelling of the rocket, and more importantly,

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