With the current Starlink, SpaceX matches their launch total through 2021.

 SpaceX completed a record-breaking 31 launches in 2021, their weekly pace in 2022 was lower

The Cape Canaveral Space Force Station's Falcon 9 launch vehicle lifted off with 53 more Starlink broadband satellites.

For the record-breaking thirteenth time, SpaceX employed a first-stage booster that had previously flown on Crew Dragon's initial demonstration mission.

Notably, it has also been employed at each of SpaceX's three launch pads and has been launched from Kennedy Space Center.

The majority of this year's launches have been in support of the growing Starlink internet constellation,

This is the 52nd Starlink launch overall and the 17th this year since the initial operational deployment.

The 570-pound satellites orbit at around 341 miles altitude. SpaceX has approval for 4,408 operational satellites,

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