Strange star survived the thermonuclear supernova

A thermonuclear supernova explosion of a white dwarf is supposed to be the terminal event in the life of its progenitor star.

These thermonuclear supernovae, known as Type Ia supernovae, are some of the most important tools in astronomers’ toolkits

A team of astronomers examined the site of the peculiar thermonuclear supernova SN 2012Z with the Hubble Space Telescope

The origins of thermonuclear supernovae are poorly understood, despite their vital importance to astronomy

Astronomers agree that they are the destruction of white dwarf stars(stars roughly the mass of the sun packed into the size of the Earth).

“This star surviving is a little like Obi-Wan Kenobi coming back as a force ghost in Star Wars,”

“Nature tried to strike this star down, but it came back more powerful than we could have imagined

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